Volvo F10, F12 & F16 at work

Patrick W Dyer

Volvo F10, F12 & F16 at work

Author: Patrick W Dyer

Type: Hardback

Pages: 144

Size: 245x325


Following a four year hiatus the ‘at work’ series is back. Now self-published under his own imprint, Patrick W Dyer presents Volvo F10, F12 & F16 1983-93 at Work. Fans of the series need not fear any change in style or content. With his characteristic attention to detail, Patrick has gone to enormous lengths to produce this new release to the specification of the Old Pond originals. This means the same level of content, the same high grade paper and finish and even printing in the same plant. Patrick has reunited past colleagues and old friends from the original Old Pond team, including the designer, to ensure the new book will sit alongside its sister titles with only the publisher’s mark to tell the difference.



This tenth book in the ‘at work’ series picks up where Volvo F10 & F12 1977-83 (published in 2013) left off. Following the raging success of the original F10 & F12, Volvo launched heavily updated models in 1983. Little went untouched with cabs, chassis, suspension, engines, gearboxes and axles all revised to keep pace with the competition. Improvements were such that the newly intercooled F10 carried off the Truck of the Year title in 1984. The process was repeated in 1987, but this time to coincide with the launch of a new model, the mighty F16. Featuring an all new 16-litre engine, the F16 was nominally the most powerful production truck in Europe, a title it lost and retrieved on several occasions during its lifetime, straight out of the box.


This latest work tells the final chapter of Volvo’s F-truck era with over 200 photographs, sourced from the manufacturer’s archive and trucking enthusiasts, combined with the author’s informative text delivered in the familiar style of his previous ‘at work’ titles.

Patrick W Dyer

Patrick W Dyer was born in 1968 and grew up during one of the most notable and exciting periods in the development of heavy trucks and possibly the last of the real glory days for trucking as an industry. This is reflected in his choice of subject matter, which encompasses significant trucks produced between 1965 and 1995, or thereabouts.


His first book, Volvo F88 & F89 at Work, was published in 2005 by Gingerfold and became an instant hit by filling, as it did, a hole in the market for the comprehensive stories of the most beloved types within a marque. With a move to Old Pond Publishing in 2009, more titles followed, along with a reworked and updated edition of Volvo F88 & F89 at Work and the series quickly developed an increasing and devoted fan base.


Fast forward to 2021 and after nine ‘at Work’ titles plus one other published by Old Pond, Patrick has decided to self-publish for the first time with Volvo once again the subject matter and a conclusion to the F-truck story.


Although Patrick’s day job is in motor sports, he holds a Class One licence and drives whenever the opportunity arises. He was active on the show circuit from 2014 to 2018 with a 1983 F12 in Edwin Shirley Trucking livery and plans to return in 2022 with a 1986 Iveco 190.30.

Previous titles in the 'at work' series

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